Monday, 19 December 2011

Be Your Fairytale

Promise I will love you well...

I was on the verge of asking myself if true love does exist, but this Monday was my parents Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary. They are by no means the media's idea of a perfect couple but they have stuck to it through thick and thin, trust me there has been a lot of thin- presuming "thin" is the bad part in that phrase. But my brother and I could not have grown up in more a loving and supportive home; we have both said to each other that we would like to raise our respective children as similarly as possible to our upbringing one day.

So here's to the couples who fight to make up, the men who give the silent treatment only to say they would like that cup of coffee, women who really do want you to guess what you've done wrong, husbands who aren't romantic often- but bowl you over when they are and the everyday rituals that make unbearable days so much better. 

That's the fairytale.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Animated Comparision

Recently (okay, it was four weeks ago) my Marie Claire colleague Candice changed her hair colour from strawberry blonde to a deeper red. When I saw her the following day she had styled herself with a big- no huge- black bow in her hair which promoted me comment that she looked just like Disney princess Ariel. Apparently a lot of of people thought so, I'd like to know if you all agree. 

And while we're on the subject, when I watched Tangled and saw baby Rapunzel I gasped because she looks like I imagine my favourite, Miss Ash Jash looking as sweet toddling child. It's the flowing blonde locks and wide set green eyes that convince me.

And me? Well I think if anyone, I'm not a Disney princess but rather like Agnes from Despicable Me. Here is a younger version of myself at my first birthday, I think I may have three strands of hair sticking out of the oversized hair tie? 

And if you have ever seen me with my faithful hound, I'm sure you'd agree that I do at all resemble this picture of Agnes.