Monday, 19 December 2011

Be Your Fairytale

Promise I will love you well...

I was on the verge of asking myself if true love does exist, but this Monday was my parents Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary. They are by no means the media's idea of a perfect couple but they have stuck to it through thick and thin, trust me there has been a lot of thin- presuming "thin" is the bad part in that phrase. But my brother and I could not have grown up in more a loving and supportive home; we have both said to each other that we would like to raise our respective children as similarly as possible to our upbringing one day.

So here's to the couples who fight to make up, the men who give the silent treatment only to say they would like that cup of coffee, women who really do want you to guess what you've done wrong, husbands who aren't romantic often- but bowl you over when they are and the everyday rituals that make unbearable days so much better. 

That's the fairytale.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Animated Comparision

Recently (okay, it was four weeks ago) my Marie Claire colleague Candice changed her hair colour from strawberry blonde to a deeper red. When I saw her the following day she had styled herself with a big- no huge- black bow in her hair which promoted me comment that she looked just like Disney princess Ariel. Apparently a lot of of people thought so, I'd like to know if you all agree. 

And while we're on the subject, when I watched Tangled and saw baby Rapunzel I gasped because she looks like I imagine my favourite, Miss Ash Jash looking as sweet toddling child. It's the flowing blonde locks and wide set green eyes that convince me.

And me? Well I think if anyone, I'm not a Disney princess but rather like Agnes from Despicable Me. Here is a younger version of myself at my first birthday, I think I may have three strands of hair sticking out of the oversized hair tie? 

And if you have ever seen me with my faithful hound, I'm sure you'd agree that I do at all resemble this picture of Agnes. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Adriana Lima's Victoria's Secret Preparation

From The UK Telegraph “It is really intense, it’s not really the amount of time you spend working out, it’s the intensity: I jump rope, I do boxing, I lift weights, but I get bored doing that. If I am not moving I get bored very easily.” She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body’s muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima’s energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show, she will drink only protein shakes – “no solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show, she will abstain from the daily gallon of water, and “just drink normally”. Then, 12 hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely. “No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that,” she says.

After reading this I'm more than shocked. If it takes nine days of protein shakes and no solid food, followed by half a day no water whatsoever so that a genetically advantaged 1.78m tall model with the measurements 86cm-64cm-89cm (bust, waist, hips) can 'prepare' for the Victoria's Secret show, I suddenly don't feel so bad about how I look in a bikini. How are other women without legs that go for miles supposed to fair in this world if Adriana Lima has to endure this to appear on the runway in lingerie? How is any person with a normal build (or life) supposed to compare? And when I hear men judging women's bodies (when are basically in underwear on the beach) I wish they knew the unrealistic expectations placed on models who just built differently to the rest of us, never mind on the average female.  

After considering this, I longer care about looking 'good' on the beach so a hot guy can check me out, I'd rather not be speaking to the hunk who's spent hours in gym honing his biceps if he's going to baulk when I purchase an ice cream or say I'm off to Wimpy. And when I see photo's of myself I where my upper arm is the width of my face, I won't feel nauseous and ashamed anymore, I'll remember gin and tonics with my friends on Friday followed by an amazing pizza at 2am, I'll remember lying in bed late instead of doing to an 8am gym class on Sunday morning, I'll remember my mother's amazing homemade cannelloni. I'll remember that I don't just chose Life, I chose Joy

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rayne Pop-Up Boutique

For more images from exciting, new designer Jessica Rayne's debut collection please click here and to rsvp to her launch at The Peech Hotel, Melrose go here.

Photography by Steve Marais; Styling by Jessica Samantha Lupton of Gaschette and Jessica Rayne; Hair and Makeup by Laura Kingma; Accessories by Angela Hancock.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tiger of Sweden Launch

Religion Junior Brand Manager, Ashleigh Greenleaf in a Neon Cambridge Satchel and Sheer Cobalt Mullet Blouse

Top, Forever New; Skirt, H&M; Belt Mr. Price; Shoes, Aldo; Jacket, Local Chinese Shop, Sling Bag, Florentine Street Vendor.

Have a wonderful day Lovelies xxx

Lamp Lady- Local Artistry

The beautiful images you’ve just scrolled through were styled by Jessica Lupton of Gaschette. I was so intrigued by the shoot that I decided to chat to Jess to find out a little more about it.

‘For me fashion is an art form’ is one of the strong statements made by Lupton, it may have been said before, it may be a clique but seeing theese images from Gaschette proves her point. Jess calls her shoot partner Cape Townian  Laura Kingma, who collaborated in the conceptualisation of the Lamp Lady shoot ‘genius’. It was inspired on 1950’s Barbies’ with wigs which could be changed through a system with pole which was inserted into the dolls head. To support the pole, the wigs were oversized giving the dolls a characterised effect, this appealed to Kingma who built the wigs on polystyrene bases. The results were impressive and Jess decided that ‘simple, interesting styling with a bit of an edge’ was required to showcase the wigs to their best.
Lupton prefers to work around conceptual styling and in that respect she collaborates with young talent, she finds they have a fresh perspective and allow themselves to break boundaries more easily. Photographer Steve Marais has worked with Gaschette before and they have featured in Marie Claire (September, 2011), Voila (Issue number, month year) as well as website from aus.   When Jess briefs a model she likes to give them an entire personality in the shoot believing that it’s all about ‘a story, not just a good photo’.

With work of such a high calibre with look forward to seeing more from Gaschette, especially with the companies high emphasis on support new comers in the industry. If you would like to see more from Jessica Lupton of Gaschette, the blog is a constant stream of creativity from around the world

Photographer, Steve Marais; Stylist, Jessica Samantha Lupton of Gaschette; Hair and Make Up, Laura Kingma at One League; Models, Vee from ICE and Thola at KS Models.

Zara Launch Outfit

Blouse, Forever New; Shorts, Vintage Levi's; Boots, Zara; Bag, Sowearto

Heralding the start of launch season was retail nirvana Zara opening its first store in South Africa in Sandton City, Johannesburg last night. They amazed all of us, I myself doubted that the store would compare to the international Zara's I have visited but my prediction was (happily) disproved. The worries about stock not being as up to date or as well done as the rest world's? Slashed! Our fears of over pricing? Shattered! They are reasonable and affordable in comparison to other imported retailers. Would the staff manage the huge rush and keep the international standards we are used to be upheld? I went in last night and again today,but albeit stressed, every person I spoke to on the floor was polite, smiling and helpful.

 To those who comment that all Joburger's will now look the same because of Zara; firstly, we all currently shop at the same retailers and manage not to confuse strangers for friends because they are dressed the same and secondly, just because an individual purchases an amazing item does not mean they are instantly stylish. 

On the above statement I will give an example, I have two friends with similar taste, who are the same size and wear items from each other wardrobes frequently; however I have never thought one looked like the other (in a piece of generously loaned and gratefully borrowed clothing) because they each have their own unique styling aesthetics. So will looking the same be a problem? Perhaps for a few weeks while we are hyped up about our new purchases but hopefully not in the long run. Now the only issue is what to pick from the huge variety on offer!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Respect at its Core

They say that a teacher has achieved their mission in life if they change but one pupil’s life; while I was in primary school, one very serious maths teacher and athletics coach Mrs Holtz gave us our weekly homily in assembly and she was telling us about Rosh Hashanah, although I cannot remember the intricacies of the celebration I do remember being entranced as she explained all the meanings and origins within the ceremonial deeds.  

Most striking to me was that one had to clear up any arguments or disputes from the last year by apologising, as to move on with no grievances. However, how many times can you apologise when forgiveness won’t be granted? Well Mrs. Holtz explained that because saying sorry is such a humbling experience, three apologies are required because after that there is nothing more you can do.

This memory has stuck with me years later; I attended a predominantly Christian primary school and was quite starry eyed when I heard about other cultures and religions. This notion of finding out what others celebrate, practice or believe in has always interested me, it is also the notion that every belief system no matter how marred or misunderstood its reputation has aspects of respect at its core.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko

Found these on a Russian website and was drawn to the glamour of it all, however I couldn't understand much of the accompanied text- seeing as I don't speak Russian. From what I could gather the images are from designer Ulyana Sergeenko's latest look book, you'd be surprised by how many pictures I left out- I couldn't whittle away my favourites any more than this. What's really interesting is the lack of skin in the majority of the photographs; the sheer blouses, bustle like shapes combined with long trains and use of unexpected, sporty clutches and shoe-boots.

Next Generation Reception

To be completely honest, I don't know what The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Next General Reception is, nor who Felicity Jones and Shailene Woodley are, what they act in or what they've done to be on the red carpet at the event. But wow do I like what these two ladies are wearing! 

From Felicity, on the left, it's the ingenious polo shirt and skirt (with all important pockets) by Proenza Schouler; the colour choice, continuation of pattern across garments and textural interest make me want it. Or find something (anything?) in my wardrobe that could give a similar effect. And I love a classic black court shoe. With great hair. Technically all of it should look dowdy together but it doesn't. Ms. Woodley looks lovely without depending on sex appeal in a tent shaped, mono-tonal, colour blocked Kate Spade dress and minimal accessories. I also enjoy that the two actress' aren't an associated pair, but look like they both got a black on nude dress code, which their stylist's took very seriously. 

If I were a Rockstar....

...I'd want to end up looking like one these beauties.