Monday, 26 September 2011


Yamamay is an Italian brand -which can be found throughout Europe- I had an amazing experience with in December, I was really attracted to the youthful spirit of their billboard campaign and made a mental note to stop in at one of the stores if I got a chance. Shopping while I was away was difficult due to the fast pace of the tour so I was really happy when I did manage it and not only did my eyes go huge and glossy, but so did my tour buddy Charisse. The reason I mention this is because Charisse had only spent money on food, gifts and snow globes up till this point.

 My in store experience with the sweet Portuguese sales assistant was possibly the best treatment I've ever received in a lingerie store and the fuchsia leopard print push up bra I bought gives the most incredible support. I've found an image of  the soft triangle version of the bra in the same fabric with similar detailing, I fell for it and had to own it before I even tried it on. Due to the quality of the product purchased I still dream of buying more and visit the website once in a while. 

These images are from the Yamamay Tenth Anniversary Collection, I think every piece of underwear is fantastic, nothing we haven't seen before but cut well and in good fabrics. I also like the dramatic styling and the retro hair.

 After all what makes you feel better than sensational lingerie? If your a lady or a guy the answer is nothing. Actually if your a guy its the removal of said garments. 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

"Pata Pata is the Name of a Dance We Do Down Johannesburg Way"

Saturday was Heritage Day and Johannesburg was busing this weekend! Really mental, too much to do, too many places to go and people to see. I thought I'd do a little Miriam Makebe tribute while I was listening to the Milk and Sugar remix featuring her vocals.Fashion wise she was lovely, vocally a gem to the likes of which we may not encounter again and politically a force to be reckoned with. 

It may be a cliche but the Jürgen Schadeberg image which graced Drum Magazine in the 1950's is my absolute favourite.I did a college project based on the photograph and although my tastes have changed since, my love for this piece hasn't.

Rocking leopard print!

And some of Miriam's looks as she ages gracefully, always groomed, well dressed and passionate.

Thanks for reading. Love to you all.

This is Me Every Morning

Every morning while I'm running late, trying to pack my lunch and run out the door.

Kim Kardashian IS Princess Jasmine

So when it comes to following celebrities I'm a bit behind the times, often I just dont get the hype about knowing absolutley everything about these people. But I do like Kim Kardashian, she proves cookie cutter pretty isn't the only acceptable form of beauty any more. I think she's also one of the women who has bought curves back, which is lovely cause ultimately only a small percentage of us have super model bodies, but we all deserve to look and feel amazing about ourselves. That's one thing all the Kardashian's have helped the general public out with.

I think the resemblance speaks for itself! Same facial structure and skin tone, huge dark eyes and pouty lips, well endowed with tiny waist and oodles of black hair.

While searching the net I realised that Kim herself has dressed up as the Disney Princess and man did she look good!

These photos are from 2009 but if I could look like that good this coming Halloween I would be in that shiny, sparkly blue outfit in an instant! Its also one of the few Princess Jasmine outfits I've seen on the web without a cheesy over sized wig that's twice the size of the wearers head. 

Go Kimmy K, I'm now an all out fan!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Leopard Print Mani!

I'm not a make up artist by any means but I tried out a surprisingly simple little experiment inspired by the lovely Dashing Jash's birthday festivities last week. It was my first attempt but I'm glad I took some pictures to share. 

Step One:  
              Pick your Colours

Pick out three to five colours. One as your base coat, one to define the spots and one or more to make spots with. Also have a clear top coat and a fine eyeliner brush ready.

To be perfectly honest I just used three colours I liked the look of together. I purchased two pretty pale OPI shades from their Pirates of the Caribbean collection last month. The grey is "Skull and Glossbones" and the pink "Steady as She Rose" which I teamed them with a Rimmed lacquer called "Darkly Divine" because it is a deep purple, but not as harsh as black against pretty pale pink and grey. I tend to think that most of us have certain tastes and what I mean by that is if you think neon pink, bronze and cobalt blue will look good then go for it! I'm keen to try the same grey with red and black or three different browns for a real kitty cat vibe.There really are no rules, I just prefer things that tone well but each to their own.

Step Two:

Start with a good base, I always prefer to do two thin coats because I always tend to smudge one thick base coat. Please make sure it is thoroughly dried!

Step Three:
           Go Dotty

Make randomly sized and shaped dots on the base coast in a contrasting colour. Mines is not so contrasting so they are rather difficult to see, my apologies. 

Step Four:
          Change Your Spots

Define or outline the dots with irregular strokes and add some dots close to them every now and again, this is great because it doesn't have to be perfect. In fact I liked the odd outlines best, I had some leopard print fabric with me for the photographs but it also helped as a reference point with the outlines. I used the brush from an old nail lacquer that had a super skinny (therefore generally useless) brush but the eyeliner brush would have the same effect. 

Seal with a coat or two of clear top coat and go on the prowl! See, not so hard at all. If I can do it, anyone can. 


Friday, 23 September 2011

Hazy Dreams

How etheral are these images? I love the transcendent soft lighting teamed with black studded shoulders. 

Check out this pretty Polish lady's blog at or her look book profile, Have a lovely day sweethearts. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A New Obsession.

I bought a pair of simple denim shorts, it's created a monster. All I want is more!

The offending Woolies shorts! I got them for R225 and have worn them twice a week since. It has become a problem. I dedicate a blog post to my new favorite clothing item.

Stay lovely!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mulberry! Lets all Dress like this Right Now

Send out a Schnauzer in a yellow anorak and goof balls such as myself will go starry eyed at the cuteness of your designer pooch. Then we'll notice the tent shaped anoraks with yellow shorts, the drawstring detail on billowing dresses, the sweet heels with socks (which I still think only works on supermodel legs) and the fact that you designed most of the outfits around the accessories. 

Nice work Emma Hill, English preppy gone cool. She even included some ribbed leggings (their Summers are dreadful over there) and some sparkly gold lamme options for the chavs. I have omitted those looks from this post. 

Is that a tamed down ode to Amy Winehouse in the hair choice I detect? Could just be my imagination, I've been told it's over active.