Sunday, 11 September 2011

Are We Taking This Too Far?

I used the very first chance I got to check out New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 offers and by chance the first show I stumbled upon was Imitation Of Christ. Looking at the photos I thought it was a staged wedding scene, just part pf the designers story.  With further reading on I realised  it was an actual matrimony. Heiress, model and actress Lydia Hearst was married as part of a fashion show. Really. Are we taking shows one step too far? We've all seen wedding dresses as the final look on the runway but seriously, is it actually appropriate to have one's wedding at a fashion show? I'm not convinced. But here are the clothes and well wishes to the happy couple.

The statuesque and doll faced bride in a Prada campaign.

Here comes the Bride!

The bride and groom walking down the aisle. I have to say we know from the previous photograph that Lydia Hearst is a beautiful girl, she is a model and has been in countless campaigns, shoots, on magazine covers and has appeared topless. So she has a killer body, basically the ultimate muse for a wedding dress from any designer's perspective. But personally I don't think the dress makes her look amazing, it is a masterful creation but does it show off the bride to her utmost? Once again I'm unconvinced. 

And the wedding party, I guess.

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