Sunday, 18 September 2011

Love Letter to Dame Vivienne

Hi Viv!

...wait is that an appropriate way to greet Vivienne Westwood?...
um...How do I start a hypothetical to this legend. Oh wait she'll never read it. Lets try that again.

Dear Vivienne Westwood

Firstly I would like to thank you years of inspiration and entertainment through your shows, advertising campaigns and the witty way you live your life. One of the reasons I picked fashion as a field of study is because the success you've had and the respect you have the demanded in the industry. Watching someone standing up for issues they believe in through a medium that often viewed as quiet frivolous to the majority, especially someone with an aesthetic as original as yours takes guts. You are already 'different' because you have never done what is expected, yet you have drawn so much attention to the aforementioned issues that anybody who doesn't take fashion seriously has to realise how truly powerful it is. Because you have battled and been criticised for your shock factor you have also allowed the rest of us to be who and what we like. Whether we are cutting edge or overly conservative it is now acceptable because people such as yourself fought the battle for us. 

Sometimes when I'm marveling at the wonder and beauty of your clothes I find myself baffled at how even begin to design them. How on earth do visualise those complex drapes, then construct the pattern and make up garments that are still flattering to the female figure? Keeping it contemporary, beautiful, flattering and just peculiar enough to keep the world at the edge of their seats. Please never stop.

Fondest Regards,
An Anonymous Fan

PS: (I bought another pair of your Melissa's yesterday and I have only taken them off to sleep.)

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