Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tetrus for Clothes part 2

As promised here are some slightly more affordable options for the colouring blocking look we're all going mad for at the moment. First some shoes to make you heart sing from Nasty Gal, by Jeffery Campbell and some from Nine West. The basic idea of a bright shoe being instead of purchasing a whole new outfit, wear jeans and vest, a neutral jumpsuit or shorts with waistcoat and tied up shirt with the shoes. More mileage- more saving!

I'm a fan of this season's Nine West Campaign because really, who doesn't want to lounge around the pool of a beautiful home looking amazing in full hair and make up, wearing high heels while a hot guy dives into the water? I'll take that lifestyle (and those legs) any day, thanks Nine West marketing and advertising crew. Until I get to live out the fantasy, I'll just take the first pair of heels below.

If I purchase one pair of amazing heel this season, I want it to be this one. Here are some other options.

The fine print reads"The Heroine, The Bombshell, The Siren, The Straw that Kicked the Stilettos Ass"

Next is a selection from the lovely Qz Zhang-Cowie at Milk Teeth, these photos are from her Facebook page -album: The First Collection on Real People- you can also use the Milk Teeth Facebook Page to get hold of her. 

From the top: Purple Blouse R450, Neutral Pants R500. Coral Chiffon Shirt R450. Chiffon Blouse R350, Pants R380. Top R400 and Pants R450.

And if you super broke a Mr. Price maxi dress with bold stripes might comfort your soul.... even just a little. Ok not too much but I'm trying to cater to everyone here.

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