Monday, 5 September 2011

Tetris for Clothing

I remember being little (this is a pre-primary school memory) and sitting on the carpet in front of our big old television -complete with a back nogal- so we could play games on Nintendo. Not Nintendo Wii or anything just ninties style hand sets and my mother rocked out at Tetris. This is what colour blocking makes think of, modern and feminine Tetris we can play each morning before facing the big bad world. 

So here are some of cat walk examples of Colour Blocking.

Minimalism by Jil Sanders will  doubtlessly inspire a million mixed hued skirt and pants suits combinations.

Dior took the forties and took any hint of a granny right out of it.

Lanvin and Julien McDonald both a more feminine take on the trend.

By far the most achievable and ready to wear option is Rachel Roy's Spring Summer 2011/ 2012. What's great about this trend is as long as you love colour and being bold, you can do it whether in a creative or corporate environment, if you prefer a clean cut modernist look, something preppy, girly or even if you're a rocker. But here are some ideas for everyday ways to wear the look. 

Mixing hot and unusual colours in both contemporary and vintage shapes makes it easy to achieve. But if you'd rather not invest in multiple separates one piece, such as this colour block body suit paired with a black skirt or shorts should do the trick without breaking the bank.  All looks courtsey of Nasty Gal at, check them out. 

But it would be pointless to show you clothes you have to get shipped before you can even try them on. Although not many South African retailers have websites featuring goods in store I have scoured the ones that do. Above are three options from Country Road and Trenery, the skirts are each R999 and the colour block hem maxi dress retails at R799. Channeling the Lanvin billowing  vibe.

This dress by Country Road is also R799.00 and combines colour blocking and stripes.

And if these colours are just too scary for you try a neutral version courtesy from  Country Road at R499.00

Tomorrow I will provide some slightly more affordable options and simpler ways to update your wardrobe without too much thought. Sweet dreams all.  

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