Monday, 26 September 2011


Yamamay is an Italian brand -which can be found throughout Europe- I had an amazing experience with in December, I was really attracted to the youthful spirit of their billboard campaign and made a mental note to stop in at one of the stores if I got a chance. Shopping while I was away was difficult due to the fast pace of the tour so I was really happy when I did manage it and not only did my eyes go huge and glossy, but so did my tour buddy Charisse. The reason I mention this is because Charisse had only spent money on food, gifts and snow globes up till this point.

 My in store experience with the sweet Portuguese sales assistant was possibly the best treatment I've ever received in a lingerie store and the fuchsia leopard print push up bra I bought gives the most incredible support. I've found an image of  the soft triangle version of the bra in the same fabric with similar detailing, I fell for it and had to own it before I even tried it on. Due to the quality of the product purchased I still dream of buying more and visit the website once in a while. 

These images are from the Yamamay Tenth Anniversary Collection, I think every piece of underwear is fantastic, nothing we haven't seen before but cut well and in good fabrics. I also like the dramatic styling and the retro hair.

 After all what makes you feel better than sensational lingerie? If your a lady or a guy the answer is nothing. Actually if your a guy its the removal of said garments. 

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