Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kim Kardashian IS Princess Jasmine

So when it comes to following celebrities I'm a bit behind the times, often I just dont get the hype about knowing absolutley everything about these people. But I do like Kim Kardashian, she proves cookie cutter pretty isn't the only acceptable form of beauty any more. I think she's also one of the women who has bought curves back, which is lovely cause ultimately only a small percentage of us have super model bodies, but we all deserve to look and feel amazing about ourselves. That's one thing all the Kardashian's have helped the general public out with.

I think the resemblance speaks for itself! Same facial structure and skin tone, huge dark eyes and pouty lips, well endowed with tiny waist and oodles of black hair.

While searching the net I realised that Kim herself has dressed up as the Disney Princess and man did she look good!

These photos are from 2009 but if I could look like that good this coming Halloween I would be in that shiny, sparkly blue outfit in an instant! Its also one of the few Princess Jasmine outfits I've seen on the web without a cheesy over sized wig that's twice the size of the wearers head. 

Go Kimmy K, I'm now an all out fan!

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