Monday, 19 September 2011

Mulberry! Lets all Dress like this Right Now

Send out a Schnauzer in a yellow anorak and goof balls such as myself will go starry eyed at the cuteness of your designer pooch. Then we'll notice the tent shaped anoraks with yellow shorts, the drawstring detail on billowing dresses, the sweet heels with socks (which I still think only works on supermodel legs) and the fact that you designed most of the outfits around the accessories. 

Nice work Emma Hill, English preppy gone cool. She even included some ribbed leggings (their Summers are dreadful over there) and some sparkly gold lamme options for the chavs. I have omitted those looks from this post. 

Is that a tamed down ode to Amy Winehouse in the hair choice I detect? Could just be my imagination, I've been told it's over active.

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