Thursday, 1 December 2011

Animated Comparision

Recently (okay, it was four weeks ago) my Marie Claire colleague Candice changed her hair colour from strawberry blonde to a deeper red. When I saw her the following day she had styled herself with a big- no huge- black bow in her hair which promoted me comment that she looked just like Disney princess Ariel. Apparently a lot of of people thought so, I'd like to know if you all agree. 

And while we're on the subject, when I watched Tangled and saw baby Rapunzel I gasped because she looks like I imagine my favourite, Miss Ash Jash looking as sweet toddling child. It's the flowing blonde locks and wide set green eyes that convince me.

And me? Well I think if anyone, I'm not a Disney princess but rather like Agnes from Despicable Me. Here is a younger version of myself at my first birthday, I think I may have three strands of hair sticking out of the oversized hair tie? 

And if you have ever seen me with my faithful hound, I'm sure you'd agree that I do at all resemble this picture of Agnes. 

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