Thursday, 10 November 2011

Zara Launch Outfit

Blouse, Forever New; Shorts, Vintage Levi's; Boots, Zara; Bag, Sowearto

Heralding the start of launch season was retail nirvana Zara opening its first store in South Africa in Sandton City, Johannesburg last night. They amazed all of us, I myself doubted that the store would compare to the international Zara's I have visited but my prediction was (happily) disproved. The worries about stock not being as up to date or as well done as the rest world's? Slashed! Our fears of over pricing? Shattered! They are reasonable and affordable in comparison to other imported retailers. Would the staff manage the huge rush and keep the international standards we are used to be upheld? I went in last night and again today,but albeit stressed, every person I spoke to on the floor was polite, smiling and helpful.

 To those who comment that all Joburger's will now look the same because of Zara; firstly, we all currently shop at the same retailers and manage not to confuse strangers for friends because they are dressed the same and secondly, just because an individual purchases an amazing item does not mean they are instantly stylish. 

On the above statement I will give an example, I have two friends with similar taste, who are the same size and wear items from each other wardrobes frequently; however I have never thought one looked like the other (in a piece of generously loaned and gratefully borrowed clothing) because they each have their own unique styling aesthetics. So will looking the same be a problem? Perhaps for a few weeks while we are hyped up about our new purchases but hopefully not in the long run. Now the only issue is what to pick from the huge variety on offer!

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