Sunday, 6 November 2011

Play Parts with Nadinoo

Just found some beautiful clothes by a brand called "Nadinoo", which specialises in hand producing their quirky  quintessentially English designs.  

Designer Nadia Izruna creates clothing for three fictional characters; "Pixie, Fleur and Lula. Pixie is quirky, playful and spontaneous, Lula is more bold, sexy and a little cheeky, whereas Fleur is a delicate flower and a dreamer". I love this concept, especially when I consider how many of us have so many different aspects to our personalities and multiple parts we have to play in our everyday lives. Beyonce is famed for her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, Lady Gaga has her male counter part Jo Calderone and Nicki Minaj has Roman among others. Designers embracing this concept may translate it into society embracing these characters within one's self and the fluid nature of constantly changing demands on individuals, by letting it become sartorially acceptable to be another persona.

Lula Untie Me Crop Top 

Pixie Counting Planes Shirt

Fleur's Summer Breeze Shirt

Lula's Darling Dress

More Lula Untie Me Crop Top's in prints, I really love those shorts too.

Fleur's Spinning Teacups Dress (inspired by a day at the fairground!)

Needless to say if I could dress like everyday I most definitely would. All images courtesy of Nadinoo, check out the website here.

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