Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lamp Lady- Local Artistry

The beautiful images you’ve just scrolled through were styled by Jessica Lupton of Gaschette. I was so intrigued by the shoot that I decided to chat to Jess to find out a little more about it.

‘For me fashion is an art form’ is one of the strong statements made by Lupton, it may have been said before, it may be a clique but seeing theese images from Gaschette proves her point. Jess calls her shoot partner Cape Townian  Laura Kingma, who collaborated in the conceptualisation of the Lamp Lady shoot ‘genius’. It was inspired on 1950’s Barbies’ with wigs which could be changed through a system with pole which was inserted into the dolls head. To support the pole, the wigs were oversized giving the dolls a characterised effect, this appealed to Kingma who built the wigs on polystyrene bases. The results were impressive and Jess decided that ‘simple, interesting styling with a bit of an edge’ was required to showcase the wigs to their best.
Lupton prefers to work around conceptual styling and in that respect she collaborates with young talent, she finds they have a fresh perspective and allow themselves to break boundaries more easily. Photographer Steve Marais has worked with Gaschette before and they have featured in Marie Claire (September, 2011), Voila (Issue number, month year) as well as website from aus.   When Jess briefs a model she likes to give them an entire personality in the shoot believing that it’s all about ‘a story, not just a good photo’.

With work of such a high calibre with look forward to seeing more from Gaschette, especially with the companies high emphasis on support new comers in the industry. If you would like to see more from Jessica Lupton of Gaschette, the blog is a constant stream of creativity from around the world

Photographer, Steve Marais; Stylist, Jessica Samantha Lupton of Gaschette; Hair and Make Up, Laura Kingma at One League; Models, Vee from ICE and Thola at KS Models.


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  2. As pointed out by Laura Kingma, Hair and Makeup artist for the Lady Lady shoot, on the 16 November 2011, the Barbie's which she used as inspiration were not from the 1950's but rather her childhood; "conceptualization was inspired by a Barbie I had in the 90's, with a pole which was pulled out of the head, you would then wrap the hair around the pole creating an 'up-do' hair style".

    Kingma also used varying materials which did not merely extend to polystyrene, but included a sieve from her mother's kitchen, hair extensions and fillers. Kingma was also a huge part of the decision of keeping the shoot focused on the hair, if you would like to more from this talented and tenacious young artist please go to her One League profile at