Sunday, 18 March 2012

Chanel Monochromatics A/W 2012

Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the age old beauty of crystals in their unaltered and natural state for this collection. This was used in everything from colour choices and the use of high tech textiles with holographic qualities, to his make up and set. 

There are so many details in this show that the more I looked at images taken there, the more I loved until I had too many for one post. So I've had to split them up. Here are the neutral based looks I particularly love. 

Antonia Wesseloh

Bette Franke

Georgia Himler

Heidi Mount and Hudson Kroenig

Sui He

Obsessed with this neckline.

Sigrid Agren

Isabella Melo

Jacquelyn Jablonski

Nadja Bender

What strikes me is the high contrast in texture; so many of which constantly go wrong in the retail environment. I find it inspiring to see that enlarged net, metallics, feathers, sparkly thread and sequins can be used without being tacky if the correct applications are utilised. The amount of detail and attention in every look is rather daunting considering there were over 60 ensembles. And the touch of a child on the ramp to thaw viewer's icy hearts after such a stark display is rather warming too. 

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