Friday, 20 January 2012

To Constantly Conquer Fears

Back to my list of goals this year, I want to jump off the Soweto Water Towers. I have been scared of heights as long as I can remember however recently I've been questioning whether it's heights I'm afraid of, or vertigo. You see, when I'm sitting on a plane waiting for it to take off I'm incredibly nervous and worried about what might go wrong; when I'm sitting on a plane that has reached altitude and the seat belt light switches off  I become as comfortable as one can in a small cramped seat and happily watched the in flight entertainment.

I have no psychology training or degree, what I do know of the subject comes from watching television drama's and medically themed shows which are probably highly misinformed on the subject. So this little self diagnosis may be far from the truth but I think my fear of sustaining a life changing injury from a low lying height far out weighs the fear of death, causing the anxiety. If I die, it is out of my control and nothing can be changed. If I am maimed, can't use certain appendages or live with life-long chronic pain; what will I let myself become? This is the fear that needs to be conquered not once, but regularly. It will have to the start with riotously painted cool towers in Soweto.

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